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Mesh Wireless - Wired Uplink Mesh Node Setup

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DrayTek's Mesh Wireless is a plug-and-play auto configuration feature that can assist with the setup of Vigor access points.
This article describes when to use and how to set the wired uplink connection on mesh nodes.

What is a Wired Uplink Mesh Node?

A wired uplink mesh node is an access point that is a member of a Mesh group which is connected to the network via a wired cable rather than being connected to the mesh group via wireless.

When to use Mesh Wired Uplink?

  1. A wired uplink could be used in a situation where you need to add a Mesh Node in an area that it too far away to receive a signal from another other mesh nodes. For example to an outdoor area or if you are placing a node on a different floor to the rest of the devices.
  2. When the Vigor access point is powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet) the device must be in Wired Uplink mode. This is because connecting to the network on both wired and wireless could cause a network loop. Enabling the Wired Uplink option will allow us to avoid the loop.  
kb mesh wired nodes 00

Mesh Wired Uplink Setup

1. Find your VigorAP IP address

When the VigorAP is attached to the Vigor Router by LAN cable, it automatically switches to AP mode and will be issued an IP address via DHCP. Use the following method to find the access point IP address.

  1.  Log into the DrayTek Vigor router
  2.  Go to [Diagnostics] > [ARP Table] menu
  3.  Locate the matching MAC Address in the table and its corresponding IP Address
  4.  Use this IP address to connect to the access point in the next step

kb mesh wired nodes 01

2. Switch to Mesh Node mode

Access your access point using the IP address found in step 1. If they are default login credentials, use admin/admin
Go to the [Operation Mode Configuration] page, select Mesh Node, and press OK

kb mesh wired nodes 02

 Alternatively use Quick Start Wizard to change the operation mode.

kb mesh wired nodes 03

3. Change Connection Mode to Wired Uplink

  1. Go to [Mesh] > [Mesh Setup]
  2. Enable Wired Uplink option
  3. Click OK to save


kb mesh wired nodes 04

4. Add Mesh Node to Router Wi-Fi Mesh

Access your Vigor Router, go to [Mesh] > [Mesh Setup] menu

  1. Enable Mesh
  2. Click Search to discover all available access points (Both wired and wireless devices will appear in the list)
  3. Select the wired access point and add to the Mesh Group
  4. Click on Apply to save the setting

kb mesh wired nodes 05

Check the Mesh Status

Let the Mesh network configure for a few minutes and check the [Mesh] > [Mesh Status] to see the current state

kb mesh wired nodes 06

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