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Re-Activating a VigorACS Server

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Re-Activating a VigorACS Server

If you see this error message when logging into your VigorACS server, this can indicate a problem with your VigorACS server's license, which requires re-activating the license before you can use and manage the VigorACS server. If the VigorACS server detects that the licence is invalid or expired, then it will prevent users from logging into the management console. In the meantime Vigor devices would continue to report in as normal.

The resolution is to manually trigger the VigorACS server to pick up the licence from the licence server. To do this, you could use the VigorACS Server admin credentials and also the MyVigor account credentials. To resolve this and log in to your VigorACS server, click on the Activate button:

This will forward you to the DrayTek MyVigor portal, which is required to re-activate the VigorACS license on your ACS server.

Log in with the MyVigor account that the VigorACS server is linked to. This would be the MyVigor account which was used to activate the server's licence originally. The MyVigor username is different from the VigorACS Console credentials:

Once you've successfully logged in, the VigorACS portal will go directly to the Device Information for the VigorACS server that gave the activation message.

Click the On button to re-activate the license on your VigorACS server:

A confirmation page should appear to confirm that this has been activated successfully. If an error message appears informing you to contact DrayTek Support, then please try restarting the VigorACS service ('sudo /etc/init.d/vigoracs stop' & 'sudo /etc/init.d/vigoracs start' on linux or stop / start VigorACS service from services on Windows) and attempt the re-activtion process again.

Click the Login to ACS button that appears which will redriect you to your VigorACS server's login screen.

Go back to the VigorACS server's login screen and log in with your VigorACS user account. The login screen should no longer display the activation error and allow you to log in and use your VigorACS server:

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