VI. Feature Setup

Access individual websites through a VPN tunnel or specific WAN

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Load balancing
Route Policy

When visiting certain websites for example "", you may want to send this through a specific WAN interface, or a VPN tunnel / service.

This can be acheived through the use of Route Policy. This article demonstrates how to set up a Route Policy and specify the interface for the traffic which destined for a certain domain name.

Step 1. Navigate to [Routing] > [Load-Balance/ Route Policy], click on an available index number:

load balance1.png

Step 2. Enable this profile, and enter a comment. For Destination in the Criteria field, choose "Domain Name" and enter the domain to which this rule should apply.

NOTE: If you don't see the option Domain Name, it is because the model/firmware version does not support feature. Make sure you're using current firmware. As an alternative, you could select IP Range instead and use nslookup to find out the IP address of the domain and input it/them as an IP Range.

load balance2.png

Step 3. Select the Interface to which the filtered traffic should take, then click OK to apply.

load balance3.png

Step 4. Now any new connections to that site will go through the specified interface.

To check that, we can use "tracert" command from a Windows command prompt to check which route the traffic takes when accessing the domain.


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