XIV. Miscellaneous Questions

How can I use DrayTek VoIP routers or PBXs with Skype?

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Although  Skype  is  a  VoIP-based service, unlike most VoIP services, they use a proprietary (non-standard) version of the common SIP protocol.

It is therefore not compatible with other ITSPs or hardware using standard SIP (such as DrayTek routers).
Skype  do,  however,  offer a SIP gateway which is part of their Skype Connect package with which they will provide a standard SIP compatible trunk which can be used with your DrayTek router (or any IP PBX or other SIP VoIP device).

Once you have set up Skype Connect, Skype will provide you with the server name and login details which you can set up your DrayTek router or PBX with.

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