VII. Router Diagnostics

How to add DrayTek routers into SolarWinds NPM?

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SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) uses ICMP and SNMP protocols for monitoring purposes. This article describes the steps of adding DrayTek devices into the SolarWinds monitoring system.

The "DrayTek Router Setup" section depicts settings that are required on the router, including some recommended security options.

The "SolarWinds NPM Configuration" section describes configuration on the NPM system and usage with a DrayTek Vigor router.

DrayTek Router Setup

Step 1 - Enable SNMP and ICMP services

  • Go to [System Maintenance] > [Management] and set the Router Name to something meaningful for identification purposes.
  • Allow management from the Internet under the Internet Access Control section.
  • Enable the SNMP Server option.
  • Uncheck the Disable PING from the Internet to allow ICMP response on router's WAN interfaces.

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  • Click OK button.
    Note that reboot of the router will be required. You can postpone the reboot and go to the next step.

Step 2 - SNMP configuration

  • Before rebooting your router, navigate to [System Maintenance] > [SNMP] and enable SNMP agent.
  • Then enable the SNMP version(s) of your choice so that the SolarWinds server can communicate with the node.
  • For security purposes it is recommended to use SNMPv3 with encryption, and to specify the IP address of the Manager Host (your SolarWinds NPM server). This will block SNMP requests sent from outside of the IP scope defined.
  • To use SNMPv3, the authentication and privacy passwords should be configured. The Solarwinds server will need to connect with matching Authentication & Privacy algorithms (such as MD5 and AES), and with the correct passwords.
  • At least 8-characters long passwords must be set. Longer and more complex passwords are harder to crack.
  • Click OK to apply the settings.

kb SolarWinds npm 12

  • Once the router is rebooted it will respond to all SNMP monitoring software queries.


  • For issues related to the Solawinds installation check here (external site):
  • Currently only Windows Server 2016 and 2019 are supported (check SolarWinds website for most up-to-date compatibility list).
  • When running SolarWinds make sure that the latest browser is installed on your machine (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Edge).
  • Check if your server can ping the node.
  • Always update the firmware of your routers.
  • If SNMPv3 does not work check the SNMPv2 and/or a different monitoring tool for testing purposes.

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