XIV. Miscellaneous Questions

Product Stock Codes & EAN

product codes
stock codes


Product stock codes, names & EANs

Each DrayTek product series (Vigor 2860 series, 2925 series etc.) includes different variant models. Products also come in different regional variations to suit different markets/areas.  

Each specific model has its own product code and EAN - those apply only to that model so you can check that you have received the correct model.  This is useful where product descriptions may vary between sellers.  

What is an EAN?

The EAN (European Article Number) is a 13 digit number which you will find on the  label of the box which your router comes in.  It may also be referred to as E/N. The EAN is unique to the specific model and region so you can be confident in receiving the correct product for your region with the cables/plugs, power supply, documentation and local support/warranty.  This is particularly important where hardware varies between regions which may affect performance, specification or compatibility. The EAN for all products is shown on the main product page for each model on this web site.

What is a stock code?

The 'Stock Code' is a shorter alphanumeric code normally used for stock control and ordering purposes with the distributors and resellers. An example is "V2860VN-K" which is a Vigor 2860Vn router. The 'K' indicates that it is UK stock.    If you already have your product, the E/N and 'Area' printed on label on your box also confirms it (stock codes are not printed on the box).

Sometimes, dealers or end users do not use stock codes or E/Ns at all, and just refer to the product by name (e.g. Vigor 2860n) - that's fine too, as long as you're specific and clear with the description. 

Here is the full detail of an example product:

Stock CodeE/NProduct Description/Name Region
V2860N-K 4716779074680 DrayTek Vigor 2860n UK

What if the regional suffix is missing on the stock code?

You may find that the '-K' (or other regional suffix) is omitted sometimes; historically, the suffix was not used (prior to 2015). If you are concerned, you can ask your dealer to confirm that the product is correct for your region (e.g. UK) or, once you have the product, check the side of the box for the correct E/N and also 'Applied Area' (see image above).   Products like switches and accessories do not have the suffix on the product code but still have unique E/Ns for your region.

What about the 'Annex' ?

On the outer box of ADSL/VDSL products, you may also see an Annex type after the model name. In the UK/Ireland, that will always be Annex A, so if you're buying UK stock (with the correct E/N or stock code), it will always be correct and you do not need to specifically order Annex A product.