XIV. Miscellaneous Questions

Product capability scope and support advice limitations


The advice or suggestions that any support technician or printed documentation can give you are limited to and within the context of technical capabilities and operation of the products that we supply. No information we provide should be taken as advice regarding your legal liabilities, reporting requirements, public protection or your legislative compliance responsibilities.

As our technicians cannot be aware of all aspects of your configuration, infrastructure or requirements, the ultimate successful, satisfactory and secure operation of the DrayTek product and the whole of your network is your responsibility and DrayTek cannot accept responsibility for any misconfiguration, incompatibility, protocol flaw or security lapse which may occur or any loss, financial or otherwise which may result as a consequence, either directly or indirectly.

Transmission power limits relating to any electrical services (wireless, DSL/line power etc.) may vary across different geographic regions (countries), where different maximum power levels or frequency ranges are permitted. In the case of content filtering, again, different countries may prohibit different content by law and it is the user's responsibility to ensure their own local compliance. You should take qualified advice on any such responsibilities or requirements in your region. In all cases, it is the user or operator's responsibility to ensure that their product is used legally and as intended.

Whilst our products provide various facilities proving security, monitoring, logging network protection and content filtering, all such features are on a best endeavors basis and no guarantee can be given that the features will be absolute and will block all anticipated/desired traffic or categories or that the required data or statistics will be logged, retained or captured, nor that the product will operate without error or interruption. No liability is accepted for any such omission, whether direct or consequential and your usage of the product is subject to the acceptance of this product limitation.

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