How to add secondary xDSL credentials when changing from one ISP to another

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This guide demonstrates how to add a second set of xDSL credentials on the router, in order to be able to authenticate when switching ISPs.

Once your ADSL or VDSL service switches from one ISP to another, the router will automatically switch to using the secondary credentials, for continuous connectivity without needing manual intervention or on-site support when the new service up and running.

Step 1: Connect DSL cable and access router configuration

Connect the DSL port of the DrayTek Vigor router to the BT Openreach faceplate or DSL Microfilter using the supplied RJ-11 to RJ-11 cable.

Access the DrayTek Vigor router's web interface. The router's default IP address is, we recommend that you connect using https where possible:

The router will prompt for a username and password to access the web configuration interface. By default, the username is "admin" and the password is also "admin". We recommend changing the router's password as soon as possible.

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Step 2: Enter the additional xDSL credentials.

Navigate to [WAN] > [Internet Access], change the "Access Mode" on "WAN1" to "PPPoE/PPPoA" and then click "Details Page".FAQ1

Once you're here, you'll be greeted with a page that is very similar to the layout below - it may differ slightly for older firmware versions but all of the same settings are located here.

You'll need to focus on the "Fallback account" option which is highlighted in red below for your convenience. Make sure that this option is checked.

Once you've done this, please enter the xDSL credentials from your secondary ISP/Line into the "Fallback Username" and "Fallback Password" field.


Click OK to save and apply the new credential settings. The current Internet connection may drop briefly to apply this new configuration.

Once you've carried out the steps successfully, the secondary line should automatically authenticate if the primary DSL credentials can not.


1) "My Old ISP still connects and doesn't allow Internet access".

In this situation you'll have to enter the failback account details directly into the main "ISP access setup" section. You can find this within [WAN] > [Internet Access], change the "Access Mode" on "WAN1" to "PPPoE/PPPoA" and then click "Details Page". You can refer to the image above for a visual representation on where you can find this.

Additionally, you can configure the WAN Connection Detection to use Ping Detect, setting that with an Internet IP address so that the router can determine whether it's connected to the Internet or the ISP's internal network.

2)  "My old ISP line is no longer working, but the new service is not active".

In this situation, you'll need to contact your ISP in order to activate a line, the DrayTek router can only authenticate. DrayTek does not act as the internet service provider.

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