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Teleworker VPN - Installing the DrayTek SmartVPN Client

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Smart VPN Client

The DrayTek SmartVPN Client is a free VPN software client provided by DrayTek for use with DrayTek routers to support additional VPN protocols and simplify the setup process of some VPN protocols such as IPSec.

This guide will cover the installation of the software because the VPN client requires some additional drivers installed before the software can be used. Please note that this software requires administrator rights on the PC to install it and to use the VPN client software.

To start the installation process, download the software from here, extract the .zip file and run the .exe installer file:

Click Next to proceed with the installation.

The installer will then have options for which parts of the software to install, it is recommended to leave this on its default setting with all options ticked. Click Next to proceed:

The installer will then give an option to change the installation path of the software, the default will install it in the Program Files directory of the computer. Click Next to proceed:

The installation will then proceed and it will pop-up the directory that the Smart VPN Client is installed in. Click Close to close the installer.

The Smart VPN Client directory shown in Windows Explorer can be closed.

To continue the setup process, run the DrayTek Smart VPN Client, which can be found under Start menu > All Programs > DrayTek Smart VPN Client > Smart VPN Client

That will then pop-up a request to install one of the two virtual device drivers needed for the VPN client to function, click OK to proceed:

Once that has installed, it will be necessary to start the Smart VPN Client software again and it will ask to install the second virtual device driver, click OK to continue:

This may pop-up a notification from Windows asking to install the device driver, click Install to install the driver:

Once that has installed, the DrayTek Smart VPN Client will be ready for use once started again:

Click the Configure button to enable / disable settings in Windows that would allow some VPN types to work:

The Registry Setup window will then pop-up, changing options on here will force the computer to restart to apply the changes immediately after clicking OK.

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