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The DrayTek routers that support Dial-In VPN connections can use any compatible VPN client to connect a remote dial-in user VPN to achieve secured access to the network connected to the router and its internet connection.

The DrayTek Vigor 2960 and Vigor 3900 routers with 1.3.0 firmware provide IPsec with XAuth authentication, which allows many standard IPsec VPN clients to authenticate with a username and password, creating a securely encrypted IPsec tunnel to the Vigor router with access to network resources and its Internet connection.

This article is broken down into three sections, with the tasks that are required for IPsec VPN dial-in user clients to connect using XAuth authentication:

IPsec XAuth VPN Server Setup Configure the router's IPsec VPN server for XAuth authentication
VPN Profile Setup Configuration of VPN user profiles on the router
iOS VPN Client Configuration Setup of a VPN profile on an Apple iOS device (iPad, iPhone) with the built-in VPN client

IPsec XAuth VPN Server Setup

IPsec XAuth VPN Server Setup

The DrayTek Vigor 2960 and Vigor 3900 routers are able to support IPsec using XAuth authentication from firmware version 1.3.0 onwards. It is necessary to update to this firmware version (or any later current firmware version) before proceeding.

To configure the Vigor router's IPsec server for dial-in users to connect with XAuth authentication, go to [VPN and Remote Access] > [Remote Access Control]:

  • Ensure that Enable IPsec Service is ticked
  • Set IPsec Remote Dial-In Service to DHCP over IPsec

Click Apply to apply the change to the router's VPN services.

Go to [VPN and Remote Access] > [IPsec General Setup] to configure the router's IPsec VPN server for dial-in users:

Set the IPsec User Preshared Key with a secure password, this Preshared key is shared between all users that will connect via XAuth authentication.

Click Apply to save and apply the change.

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