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DrayTek routers running or later firmware support IPsec with XAuth authentication, which allows many VPN clients to authenticate with a username and password. With IPSec XAuth you are not limited to pre-shared key because each teleworker can use their unique credentials.
This article demonstrates how to create an IPsec Xauth tunnel between Vigor Router and Android client.

Vigor Router Configuration

1. Go to [VPN and Remote Access] > [IPsec General Setup]
a. Enter Pre-Shared Key for Xauth User
b. Click OK to save

kb teleworker xauth android 01

2. Go to [VPN and Remote Access] > [Remote Dial-in User]
a. Enable User account and Authentication
b. Allow IPsec Xauth dial-in type
c. Enter Username and password
d. Click OK to save.

kb teleworker xauth android 02

Android Client Configuration

1. Go to [Settings] > [More] > [VPN] to add a VPN profile

  • Set TYPE to IPSec Xauth PSK
  • Populate the SERVER ADDRESS field with router's WAN IP address or domain
  • Tap SAVE

kb teleworker xauth android 03

2. To start the VPN connection choose the profile, enter username and password, and tap CONNECT.

kb teleworker xauth android 04

3. Once VPN tunnels is established it shows the following information

kb teleworker xauth android 05

Vigor routers display VPN status in [VPN and Remote Access] > [Connection Management] section

kb teleworker xauth android 06

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