VI. Feature Setup

VigorSwitch V1281 - Setting Output ports for LAN access

VigorSwitch V1281
VigorSwitch V1281

VigorSwitch V1281 - Setting up Output ports for LAN/Internet access


In standard usage, a port on the V1281 configured as an output will receive only the video feed from the currently selected source. 

In some circumstances, where there is only one CAT5/CAT6 ethernet cable available to the output (screen) location, you may also want to provide Internet or LAN (data) connectivity down the same cable. 

The V1281 has a feature whereby LAN data (can be added to the video feed) - you then need a small Ethernet switch at the output end to provide Ethernet outputs for your HDMI-to-IP receiver and then to the LAN devices you wish to connect, for example a hard-wired IP TV, Wireless (WiFi) access point, PC etc.

In the photo above, we're using a DrayTek Vigor access point which has a built-in 5 port Ethernet switch so it can provide Ethernet connectivity to the TV directly (for IP-TV or other Smart-TV services), the video feed to the HVE290 adaptor and also create a local wireless LAN for WiFi devices to access the Internet.

Note : WiFi devices connected to a wireless access point (as in the photo above) will not be able to use the DrayTek AVS app to control source selection. For that, the device needs to connect to an access point or router connected directly to the LAN (Allowing that is something that may be selectable in later firmware).

Enabling LAN Access on an Output port

To enable the feature, go to the [Port Setup] menu on the V1281's web interface and click on the Modify icon for the Output port that the network switch or access point will be connected to.

Just click the "Allow LAN Access option" and click OK to apply the change:

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