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Vigor 2830n V1 vs. V2

Vigor 2830
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Vigor 2830n V1 vs. V2

There are two hardware variations of the Vigor 2830n; a version 1 (the original model) and version 2 (v2) hardware.

The supported features of both models are identical, however the hardware is different. As such, they use equivalent but different firmware. When upgrading your Vigor 2830n, please be sure to download and install the correct firmware (v1 or V2) according to your model.

To identify which version you have, look at the bottom of the unit. V2 models are printed with 'H/W: V2' as shown in the image below. V1 models do not have any such designation:

Base of 2830n V2

If your unit is mounted in a rack so that you cannot see the bottom, you can also distinguish the models from the front panel. The front panels of the units are laid out differently but they the same sockets and LED indicators as each other, as shown in this image:

2830n comparison

Other model variants (Vigor 2830, 2830Vn, 2830Vn-Plus) have only one version of hardware - there is no 'v2'.