XIV. Miscellaneous Questions

Using the VigorAP 910C 'Where Am I?' beeper

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The Vigor 910C incorporates a built-in beeper that can be used to locate the access point. This can be quite useful for installations over a larger area where the identity of a individual access point is unknown. Different beep patterns can be set which can be helpful if enabling the beeper on more than one unit simultaneously.

Enabling Where am I?

To enable the Where am I alarm go to [Diagnostics] > [Where am I?].

Sound: Controls the buzzer sound; The dropdown options control how many beeps the unit will make in each sequence and the duration of each beep. Beep i to v will give a repeating sequence of 1-5 short 'dot' type beeps and Beep I to V will give a repeating sequence of 1-5 long 'dash' type beeps.

Second(s): Controls how many seconds the alarm will sound for. The maximum duration is 360 seconds

Sound:  Starts the beeper for the duration specified

Stop: Stops the beeper

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