VII. Router Diagnostics

Check DSL Status over Ethernet with Vigor 130 Modem

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DrayTek Vigor routers when used in conjunction with a Vigor 130 (VDSL2), Vigor 166 ( or Vigor 120v2 (ADSL2+) modem, can display DSL line information over an Ethernet WAN port, with no setup required.

This allows you to view the modem's DSL line speed, SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) and line status from the router's web interface without needing to change cabling or configuration. This information can then be used to determine actual line speeds or for remote diagnostics.

When connecting a DSL modem to a router's Ethernet WAN port, it would typically not be possible to access the modem's web interface. This is because the router's WAN connection is with the ISP, not the modem. The modem is simply a transparent link for the router to access the ISP - a DSL to Ethernet bridge.

With PPPoE connections, this is because the WAN interface on the router would only be passing PPP packets through the interface, instead of IP packets, which would typically make it impossible to access the modem's web interface to view DSL Status information.

With Static or Dynamic IP based connections, packets route directly to the Internet gateway of the WAN interface and cannot access the modem without losing access to the Internet through that connection.

DrayOS Routers

When a DrayTek Vigor modem is connected to the Ethernet WAN port of a DrayTek Vigor router and the router's firmware supports the facility, the DSL information will be shown on the [Online Status] > [Physical Connection] page.

This information is sent by the modem periodically so there may be a slight delay in reporting:

The state of "TRAINING" indicates that it is searching for a VDSL signal to sync with.

When the line is connected, it will display "SHOWTIME".

When the line State is "FULL INITIAL", that indicates that the connection is currently syncing with the ISP.

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