How do I fix a DHCP allocation ?

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The router's DHCP service function allocates an IP address to the client PCs on your network automatically; it also provides them with the gateway and DNS server addresses. If you are using the DHCP server facility on the router, you may need to fix an allocation so that the same client (PC) always gets the same IP address. This might be useful for a device such as an Ethernet webcam which you need to always know the IP address of.

This article describes the steps needed to set a fix DHCP allocation and other available options.

1. Go to [LAN] > [Bind IP to MAC] section and Enable the feature.

kb vigor dhcpfix 01

2a. In the screenshot, you can see on the top a convenient ARP Table list of current 'known' devices connected to the Vigor router. This information is taken from the ARP cache. You can select any of those or manually populate the 'Add/Update to IP Bind List' section. Press Add to move it to the pre-set IP Bind List.
Remember to press the OK button to save the changes.

kb vigor dhcpfix 02

2b. If you need to update/delete the existing entry, select a device from the IP Bind List. The 'Add/Update to IP Bind List' section will populate. Edit the IP address and press Update or to remove click on Delete.
Press OK button to save the changes.

kb vigor dhcpfix 03

Note that the backup of the Bind IP to MAC list (and many other settings of the Vigor routers) can be saved and restored as illustrated in this guide.

Important Note - Strict Bind
Strict Bind will block the connection of the IP/MAC which is not listed in the IP Bind List.
Make sure that there is at least one valid MAC address entry before enabling this additional option. Otherwise no LAN clients will have network access to make changes to its configuration.
By default this option is unchecked and is not required for the fix IP address allocation.

kb vigor dhcpfix 04

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