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LPR Network Printing - Using the Vigor's USB Port with a Printer

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Network Printing
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The Vigor's printer port enables you to share a compatible printer between all of your Windows and Apple computers without needing a specific computer to act as 'print server'. Any DrayTek router with a USB port is capable of operating as a print server.

You should be able to print to most regular printers, but multi-function devices such as those with fax or scanner facilities will only have printing functionality available, this is because the Windows LPR facility supports printing only. Bi-directional utilities, for example those which report 'paper out' may not operate correctly.

Setup on the Router

The router will auto detect printers that are connected to the router's USB ports and make the printer available for LPR printing usage. No further setup is required once the router has detected the printer.

The detection status is shown in [Online Status] > [Physical Connection]:

Newer products such as the Vigor 2860 can display detection information and printer status in [USB Application] > [USB Status], in this example, a local device is printing the Windows Printer Test Page:

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