IX. NAT Related Features

How many VPN tunnels can the Vigor passthrough?

Vigor 2620Ln
Vigor 2760
Vigor 2762
Vigor 2765
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IPsec Passthrough
VPN Server

VPN passthrough is where a client or server behind the Vigor is generating the tunnel endpoint itself, rather than the router itself is creating the tunnel. A VPN server behind the Vigor can accept many different remote clients creating VPN tunnel to it. You can also have mutiple VPN clients behind the router each making a tunnel to a different remote VPN server.

You cannot have more than one VPN client behind the Vigor creating a tunnel to the same remote VPN server. This is because the VPN protocol reply packets are indistinguishable from each other, so the router cannot tell which VPN client the reply packets are intended for, if they come from the same remote host. If this is required, then consider letting the Vigor create the tunnel itself (instead of passthrough) and then multiple clients can then pass through that one tunnel, which is also more efficient. You can run multiple internal (LAN-side) VPN clients if they each connecting to a different remote server.

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