II. Resetting & Router Firmware

Router Firmware Upgrading on Macs

Vigor 2620Ln
Vigor 2760
Vigor 2762
Vigor 2765
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Mountain Lion
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To reflash firmware on a DrayTek router from an Apple Mac OS X computer, there are two methods available:

    1. Updating via the router's Web Interface This is available on DrayTek routers from the Vigor 2820 series onwards, this can be used to update the router's firmware either locally or remotely.

    2. Updating via the Mac OS X TFTP Utility This method would be used on routers that have become inaccessible, the TFTP mode on DrayTek routers can be used to recover a router that is unable to boot correctly. This method would also be used with router models prior to the Vigor 2820 series. A TFTP reflash must be performed locally and using a wired network connection.

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