II. Resetting & Router Firmware

How do I completely reset the router?

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Factory Reset

Sometimes known as a 'factory reset' resetting the Vigor will clear all user settings, back to the state it was when you received the router new. Existing firmware is retained so if you have upgraded your firmware, that will stay the same version. After resetting your router, remember that you will need to set up all of your ISP details again (and any other facilities you use on the router) so be sure that you have necessary information to hand before resetting your router.

The quickest way to reset the router over a network is to go to [System Maintenance] > [Reboot System] from the router's web interface, select the option 'Using factory default configuration' and click OK to reboot the router with its factory settings.

If you have physical access to the router, hold in the recessed Factory Reset button for 5 seconds, until the router's ACT LED begins flashing rapidly. Release the button and the router will restart with its default configuration.

When you upgrade firmware, using the .RST file instead of the .ALL file will also cause a factory reset of the router.

How do I reset/clear the router's password ?

The only way to clear the password is to do a hardware reset with the reset button.

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