VII. Router Diagnostics

How do I set the router name?

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Router Name
Site Name

With multiple web browser tabs open it can be difficult to remember which router is which as the only identifying factor is the IP Address / hostname in the address bar. It is possible to look at the LAN IP / WAN IP in the system status page but it is more convenient if the router name is listed on the web interface. On the Vigor2820 firmware 3.3.4 and later it is possible to set the Router Name so that it is displaed in the HTML Title bar and also in System Status.

This can make switching between mulitple routers much easier and could come in handy when creating mutiple site to site VPNs.

You can set the Router Name via the [System Maintenance]>[Management Setup] menu

Enabling Syslog

Just enter the router name and then it will appear in the HTML Title bar as shown in the picture below:

Enabling Syslog

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