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Vigor 2850 VDSL BT Infinity Setup

Vigor 2850
BT Infinity

BT Infinity provides a VDSL connection from the local street cabinet to the customer premises.

The Vigor 2850 supports VDSL and can connect directly to the phone socket via an RJ11 cable.

The Vigor 2850 does not need to connect via an Openreach modem but if required (if using 2 VDSL line simultaneously for example) then WAN2 can be connected to an Openreach modem using PPPoE.

Setting up the Vigor 2850 to connect to BT Infinity

Using your Web Browser go to the Vigor 2850's Web Interface via and log in using the default username of "admin" and password of "admin"

The main menu page will appear as shown:

Main Page

Click on [WAN] > [General Setup] > [WAN1] and set the settings as shown. With BT Infinity the WAN VLAN ID should be set to 101:


Please note that the Physical Mode text indicates which mode the ADSL / VDSL modem is currently trying to connect with. If the router does not currently have a DSL sync, it can switch between ADSL and VDSL modes in an attempt to connect. It is possible to force VDSL mode only by settings the DSL Mode to VDSL Only.

Click OK to apply that change for the WAN interface.

Go to [WAN] > [Internet Access] and set the Connection Type as PPPoE.

  • If your ISP is BT and you have not been provided with username and password details, enter a Username of "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." and leave the Password setting blank.
  • If the ISP has supplied a username and password, enter the username / password details that were provided by your ISP in the appropriate fields as shown:

PPPoE Setup

Click OK to apply the change and the router will ask to restart, click OK again to restart the router and access the router's web interface once it's back online.

Click on [Online Status] and after a moment the Vigor 2850 will connect to the ISP and a public IP Address should be listed in the Online Status page.

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From: Mikes Around

First time set up today and I had success. These instructions are very good, thanks. For men who tend to skip read instructions you could highlight the first line which says, you do not need the Open Reach box, just plug straight in to the wall.
Also, when you first look at the Wan screen, it says ADSL and only changes once you change the settings and re-boot. I did spend quite some time figuring this out. A note to explain this would be helpful please or maybe an extra picture.
Other than that, perfect, thanks.