Using the DrayTek's VLAN to connect two networks on different IP Subnets

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Using the DrayTek's VLAN to connect two networks on different IP Subnets

The DrayTek Vigor 2830 and other DrayTek routers that support multiple subnets can be used to link two networks if the other router does not support multiple subnets. This requires setting up a static route on the other router so that traffic sent between networks is able to return; this example uses the DrayTek Vigor 2820 router because it does not support multiple subnets but can have static routes set.

In this example configuration, a Vigor 2830 router manages the 192.168.1.x network, its VLAN / Multi LAN Subnet facility will be used to route access to the Vigor 2820's 192.168.0.x network. Once configured, clients on the 192.168.1.x network will be able to access the 192.168.0.x network and vice versa (which can then be controlled with the firewall, where required).

Example IPs:

Vigor 2830:


Vigor 2820:


The following screenshots show the setting changes that are required to allow the two routers to link using the Vigor 2830's VLAN capability:

Vigor 2820 Setup

On the Vigor 2820, go to the [LAN] - [Static Route] page and click on Index #1, set the IP of the gateway as shown so that the Vigor 2820 will send connections to the 192.168.1.x networks through to the Vigor 2830 on Once configured in the next section, the Vigor 2830 will route this traffic between the two networks:

Image 1

Vigor 2830 Setup

On the Vigor 2830, go to the [LAN] - [VLAN] page and configure it exactly as shown, this will eventually link LAN Port 4 to the 192.168.0.x subnet. Click OK on that page which will prompt to reboot.

Note that the "VLAN Tag" column does not need to have the enable option ticked for any of the LAN ports / LAN Subnets. This configuration is a Port based VLAN which will not need to utilise VLAN Tags on packets. Ticking Enable for the VLAN Tag option without corresponding settings on connected PCs, Switches and Routers can result in losing access to the router.

Image 2

Go to [LAN] - [General Setup] and tick the Inter-LAN Routing option as highlighted then click OK to apply the change.

The Inter-LAN Routing table controls access between LAN Subnets configured on the router - if this is not ticked, clients on LAN Subnet 1 will not be able to access LAN Subnet 2. Once enabled, access between the two networks can be controlled with the router's Firewall Filter Rules.

Image 3

Go to [LAN] - [General Setup] - [LAN2] - Details Page and configure it as shown, with the LAN2 Subnet in NAT mode with the Vigor 2830's DHCP Server disabled.
It will prompt to reboot after saving that change:

Image 4

Once all of that is set up, connect any part of the Vigor 2820's LAN network to the Vigor 2830's LAN Port 4 and the two networks should be able to route traffic between each other.

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