How to setup WAN priority on the Vigor2620Ln router

Vigor 2620Ln
WAN priority

The Vigor 2620Ln router supports mulitple WAN connections which can be used for WAN failover so that when the primary connection fails, traffic can use the secondary connection.

The Vigor 2620Ln supports use of 2 SIM cards, which can be used along with wired connections such as Ethernet or VDSL to provide reliable connectivity.

You can specify the priority of the failover WAN interfaces, for example:

  • VDSL/ADSL (WAN1) failover to LTE (SIM1 then SIM2)
  • Ethernet (WAN2) failover to LTE (SIM2 then SIM1)
  • LTE (SIM1 then SIM2) failover to Ethernet (WAN2)
  • LTE (SIM2 then SIM1) failover to VDSL/ADSL (WAN1)

Always On vs. Failover

The router will always try to establish an Internet connection through the "Always On" WAN port first. If the "Always On" WAN connection is down, the router will try to connect through the failover WAN port(s).

Configure WAN Priority on the Vigor 2620Ln

The steps below demonstrate how to configure which WAN is used as the primary connection on the router.

1. Go to [WAN] > [General Setup] to check the Active mode of the WAN and LTE interfaces. Click the WAN interface's name to configure it, i.e. LTE:

2. Select the active mode for the WAN. In this example we are using LTE as the primary WAN.

After you click ok, you can see the other WANs automatically change to failover.

Configure SIM priority on the Vigor 2620Ln

3. Go to [WAN] > [Internet Access]. Select "3G/4G LTE Modem(DHCP mode)" for the LTE interface and click on the Details Page button to access the LTE WAN connection settings.

In the Preferred LTE Band settings, select the priority of the installed SIM cards to suit your configuration:

If this setting is missing on your router, update the firmware to the latest version.

With the settings configured above, the Vigor 2620Ln will use the LTE interface as its primary Internet connection, using SIM1 as the main SIM card to connect with.

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