XV. VigorACS and VigorConnect

How to Backup the Database of VigorACS 2

Vigor ACS
vigoracs backup

From VigorACS 2 version 2.4.0, VigorACS can create a schedule backup task for your ACS's database; therefore, the configuration and data stored in VigorACS can be backed up, for restoration if any problems occur with the server.

This document demonstrates how to schedule backup the database of ACS2.

acs2 backup database

Database Backup Configuration

To configure the database backup setting, go to SYSTEM MENU > System > Backup Database and follow the steps:

Step 1. Click Add Backup Database Task and configure the settings

database task

Task Setting

Enable This Task: Activate this task for database backup
Task Name: Specify the task name


Once: Execute the backup task only one time when the setup time has reached.
Repeat: Execute the backup task by schedule (Weekly, Daily, Monthly)

backup db task

Backup Options

Backup Type
- Backup all tables: Backup all of the tables for TR-069 database, the backup file is the largest one among all options. Also, please notice that server will quickly run out of disk space if you enable repeat task for database backup.
- Exclude syslog tables: Backup all of the tables for TR-069 database except syslog tables, it could reduce the size of backup files.
- Exclude syslog and log tables: Backup all of the tables for TR-069 database except syslog and log tables, the backup file is the smallest one among all options.

Ignore Licence Tables:
If you restore the SQL file on the "new" server (different MAC of the network adapter), please enable the option to avoid licence conflicts.
After backup delete log tables: ACS will clear all log tables after the backup task completed.

backup options

Email Notification

You may enable this function if you'd like to receive the backup result (No matter success or fail).

2. After configuring the settings, save the task

3. Wait for the scheduled time, and we'll see a status update if the backup event is triggered:

backup event

4. In addition, you will receive a notification mail after the backup task is triggered.

How to Download a backup .sql file

Download from ACS Web:

Switch to the Backup Files tab from the Backup Database page, and we could select one of the backup files and download it directly.

download sql

Copy from the EMS Folder

Go to the path EMS/sql-backup on storage of ACS server, and then you will see all the backup files here. To find the path of EMS folder, you could refer the document: File manager of ACS.

sql backup


Why didn't I receive a notification email?

Please make sure you have enabled the Mail server of All_UserGroup from SYSTEM MENU > User > Mail Server. You could also use the 'Send Test Mail' to confirm whether the configuration of the mail server is correct.

email troubelshooting