XV. VigorACS and VigorConnect

VigorConnect - Upgrade VigorAP Firmware

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VigorConnect helps the network administrator to maintain multiple APs effectively. This document demonstrates how to upgrade multiple APs' firmware with VigorConnect.

Prepare the firmware file

We may need to upload the firmware file first. Go to SYSTEM MENU > Maintenance > File Manager
There are two ways to get the firmware file:

    • Upload the firmware file manually: 
      Go to SYSTEM MENU > Maintenance > File Manager, click the Upload button and select the file from your local disk. You can create the folder and choose the path to save your firmware file there.

Uploading Firmware File Manually

    • Download the firmware from DrayTek FTP server: 
      Go to SYSTEM MENU > Maintenance > File Manager, click Draytek FTP button and the folder list of FTP server will be displayed. Choose the model/firmware version which you want to apply to the VigorAP, then press the Download button. Once the file downloads successfully, it will be extracted automatically and could be found in SharedFirmware folder.

Downloading the firmware from DrayTek FTP server

Apply Firmware Upgrade Task

Go to SYSTEM MENU > Maintenance > Firmware Upgrade and press Add New Job:

Applying Firmware Upgrade Job

  • Name: Specify the name of the firmware upgrade job
  • Status: Enable or disable the job
  • Upgrade time
    - Now: VigorConnect will request AP to do the firmware upgrade while receiving the next TR-069 inform from AP. 
    - Scheduled: Specify the start time/end time. VigorConnect will only request the firmware upgrade when it receives inform from AP during the scheduled time.
  • Apply Firmware: Select the firmware file from Maintenance > File Manager.
  • Device to upgrade: Choose the APs that should get the firmware upgrade. Please double check whether the model of selected devices matches the firmware file.

After saving the job, we will see the status from the job list.

Firmware Upgrade Job Status

Checking Firmware Upgrade Status

We can find the log in Monitoring > Log > File Transfer once the firmware upgrade event occurred.

Checking the firmware upgrade results log

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