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Configure the VigorNIC 132 for Bridge Mode

VigorNIC 132
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The DrayTek VigorNIC 132 is a PCI Express network card with an integrated VDSL2/ADSL2+ router.

This guide explains how to change the VigorNIC from it's default NAT configuration where it acts as a router, to an alternative configurate which configures the VigorNIC 132 to bypass NAT and bridge the connection to the PC with the VigorNIC 132 effectively just acting as a modem.

In its default state, the VigorNIC 132 will connect to the Internet directly through its VDSL/ADSL2+ interface (WAN1) or Ethernet interface (WAN2) and PC effectively treats the VigorNIC 132 as a route. When connected to the Internet, the VigorNIC 132 provides an internet connection to the computer it is installed in using NAT (Network Address Translation).

If NAT isn't desired, the VigorNIC 132 can be configured to bridge the VDSL2/ADSL2+ connection directly to the PC by enabling Bridge Mode in its web interface.

To access the VigorNIC 132 web interface, access (default NIC132 IP) in a web browser and enter the Username "admin" with the default Password of "admin":

The [Dashboard] page of the VigorNIC 132 shows its DSL status and WAN interface status.
General ADSL / VDSL status information can be viewed in [Online Status] > [Physical Connection].
Detailed ADSL / VDSL information can be viewed in [Diagnostics] > [DSL Status].

To configure the VDSL interface, go to [WAN] > [General Setup]:

In the WAN > General Setup section, select WAN1:

If the VigorNIC 132 will be connected to a VDSL2 connection on the Openreach FTTC network (commonly described as a fibre broadband service), for example BT Infinity, Plus Net Fibre, Talktalk Fibre, then ensure the VDSL2 Tag Value is set to 101.

This will be set automatically if the VigorNIC 132 has the "BT" firmware installed.

Click OK to save and apply the change. This may prompt to reboot the VigorNIC 132, in which case, reboot and reconnect to the web interface.

To configure the VDSL2 / ADSL2+ (WAN1) interface for bridge mode, go to [WAN] > [Internet Access].

Set the WAN1 Access Mode to Static or Dynamic IP, then click the Details Page for WAN1:

Ensure that the WAN1 - Static or Dynamic IP mode is set to Enable and tick the Enable Bridge Mode option. This will grey out the IP address settings.

Click OK to save and apply the change:

This will prompt to restart the VigorNIC 132, click OK to restart and apply the WAN interface changes:

Enabling Bridge Mode will make the VigorNIC's LAN interface DHCP server inactive, because it will instead pass-through DHCP from the WAN1 VDSL/ADSL2+ interface.

Set the PC's LAN interface for the VigorNIC 132 to an IP address in the 192.168.2.x IP range to access the VigorNIC 132's management interface when needed:

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