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DrayTek LTE router administrators can send text messages from the GUI. This process is even easier with the VigorSMS mobile application. Once the profile is configured, sending SMS messages from router's SIM card can be done locally or even remotely. There is no need to connect to the router's web interface. Just install our VigorSMS app, setup the profile, and you are ready to send messages.

This article describes the setup and steps needed to send and read an SMS from VigorSMS application.

kb vigorsms setup VigorSMS 01

Setup on Vigor Router

Make sure that your router and its firmware is compatible with VigorSMS. To create a profile in the application, take a note of the details listed in the table below

Router Details Value Notes
Compatible router and firmware The latest list of compatible devices can be accessed from the VigorSMS app Download and install VigorSMS, then check the compatibility list
Router's public WAN IP address* Static IPv4 address, e.g. If dynamic IP, read DDNS setup guide. Then use your DDNS domain, e.g. mydomain.drayddns.com
Enable remote management and use correct port Default HTTPS management port is 443 See below how to enable remote management and check the port number
Login Credentials default: admin/admin Change immediately if default
Profile Name Enter a meaningful name e.g. Office Branch London

* Only public static or public dynamic IPv4 address can be used. In most cases WAN1 or WAN2 IP address is accessible from the Internet. WAN3 (LTE) interface obtains an IPv4 address from mobile internet providers. If your LTE IP address is private (Carrier-grade NAT), e.g. 10.xx.xx.xx (where xx is any number in that IP range), check with your LTE provider if a public IP address can be issued instead. Alternatively use your router's WAN1 or WAN2 address if available.

How to enable remote management and use correct port number?

Go to the router's web interface and navigate to [System Maintenance] > [Management] page.
a. Make sure that the 'Allow management from the Internet' is enabled
b. Select the 'HTTPS Server' option
c. Check the HTTPS Port or change if necessary. Hit OK to save new settings and reboot the router.

kb vigorsms setup remote management

Setup Vigor SMS on mobile phone

1. Download the VigorSMS application from Google Play or Apple Store:

kb vigorsms setup vigorsms googleplay kb vigorsms setup vigorsms appstore

2. To create a new profile tap on the 'Add' button. This will allow VigorSMS app to connect to the LTE router

kb vigorsms setup addNewProfileempty

Hit Next. If connection to the router is successful, the 'Ready' icon will appear next to the profile name.

kb vigorsms profile setup

To check if your routers (and their firmware) are compatible, go to About APP menu in the top right corner and tap Device Support List

kb vigorsms setup deviceSupportList

3a. Tap on the profile to load SMS messages. To send a new SMS tap on the red edit button.

kb vigorsms setup messageHistory

3b. Enter the phone number and your message. Press SEND to send the SMS

kb vigorsms new message 01

 3c. You can also read the messages.

kb vigorsms new message 02

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