IV. Voice-over-IP (VoIP)

VoIP FAQ: Phone Book

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How do I use the phone book ?

To dial a remote user, you need to put their details into the phone book. Up to 60 entries can be stored. When you lift the handset, you then dial their speed dial number, followed by # (hash).

The remote user can be entered either as a direct IP address (or DDNS alias) or as a SIP username/ID :

VoIP Setup VoIP Setup

In the above examples, you would then lift the handset and dial 1# or 81# to call those people.

In the above dialplan entry note how the draytel.org suffix is not included in the name and that the name is not included in the domain/IP field (i.e. the johnsmith and draytel.org are entered into separate fields, as shown).

NOTE : The name you enter should exactly match the name of the port at the called end. If the remote end does not have a specific port name, you will have to leave the name blank, depending on the remote SIP device in use.

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