IV. Voice-over-IP (VoIP)

VOIP: POTS Passthrough

Vigor 2820

How POTS passthrough works on the Vigor2500V and Vigor2100V

The Vigor2500V and Vigor2100V routers have a phone socket for your telephone, and a connection to your regular ADSL data line. A third socket connects to your regular voice/phone socket. This enables the phone connected to your Vigor2500V to not only make and receive VoIP calls, but also make and receive calls on your regular POTS/PSTN phone line. When your POTS line rings, the Vigor will automatically switch the phone over to POTS mode and you can answer the call. If you want to make an outgoing call on POTS, lift the handset and dial #0 and the Vigor will switch over. The phone LED indicates the current mode - Green for VoIP and Amber for POTS. In the event of a power cut, the router's failover mode automatically switches your phone over to POTS access so that you can make calls, including those to the emergency services. This facility is not provided on other models.

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