V. VPN (Virtual Private Networking)

GetFlix: How to connect a DrayTek VPN router with PPTP

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This articles demonstrates how to setup a PPTP VPN to GetFlix, allowing any devices connected to the router to access the Internet through the online VPN service provider.

Account Setup

1. You will need an account with GetFlix. You can apply for a free account from their website here


2. Once you have your account. Go to VPN from their websites menu to locate your VPN username and password and also enable Full VPN service.

getflix 2.png

3.  Get the GetFlix server domain from here You will find a list of servers for various countries.

Router Setup

4.Log into the router's management page.

Go to [VPN and Remote Access] > [LAN to LAN], edit a profile as follows:

  1. Enter Profile name
  2. Check Enable this profile
  3. Set Call Direction to "Dial-Out".
  4. Enable PPTP in the Dial-out settings
  5. Enter Server IP as the domain name obtrained in step 3
  6. Enter Username and Password as the ones obtained in step 2
  7. Change Routing to NAT for this VPN connection
  8. (optional) Enable Change Default Route to this VPN tunnel option if you want all traffic to go through GetFlix VPN.




Check VPN Status & Connectivity

5. After finishing the above settings, we can check the VPN status via [VPN and Remote Access] > [Connection Management] page.

 CON Management.PNG

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