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Wake up your PC by using WoL (Wake on LAN)

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We can use the Wake on LAN feature from Vigor Router's Web UI or by a Wake-on-LAN tool to wake up the computer remotely. This article will demonstrate two methods about how to wake up the computer by WoL.

WakeOnLAN Example

Method 1: Using Vigor Router to wake up your computer

Enabling Wake Up On LAN on the PC:

1: Enter the BIOS of your PC to enable Wake Up On LAN.

2: Click right button of your mouse on PC icon on desktop.

  • Click Manage.
  • Go to Device Manager>>Network adapters and click the network card you use.
  • Go to Advance. Select “Wake on LAN” in the Property and enable it.
  • Then click OK.

Settings on Vigor Router:

1: Go to [LAN]-[Bind IP to MAC]. Enable Bind IP to MAC. Select your PC IP address in the ARP Table, add it into IP Bind List then click OK.

WakeOnLAN BindIP

2: Login the WUI of Vigor Router from another computer. Then go to [Applications]- [Wake on LAN].

  • a. Select "IP Address" on Wake by.
  • b. Choose IP Address of your PC which you want to wake up.
  • c. Click Wake Up!

WakeOnLAN WakeUp

The PC now starts when you click Wake Up!

Wake up your PC with Command Line Interface (SSH or Web Console):

1: Open the web console on Vigor Router which can be accessed by clicking the icon in the top right navbar..

WakeOnLAN WebConsoleNav

2: Command "wol up".

WakeOnLAN wolupCommand

Method 2: Using WakeOnLan GUI Tool

We also can wake up the PC remotely by sending WoL packets generated by the WakeOnLan tool to a Vigor Router.

Additional Step:

1: Download the WakeOnLan GUI tool.

2: Go  [NAT]-[Port Redirection]

  • a. Enable a profile.
  • b. Comment Service Name.
  • c. Select UDP Protocol.
  • d. Choose WAN Interface and IP.
  • e. Set Public Port : 9
  • f. Private IP :
  • g. Set Private Port : 9
  • h. Click OK.

WakeOnLAN PortRedirection

3: Open web console on GUI which can be accessed by clicking the icon in the top right navbar.

WakeOnLAN WebConsoleNav

Enter the Command "wol fromWan any".

WakeOnLAN wolfromWanCommand

4: Open up WakeOnLan GUI on PC.

  • a. Enter MAC address.
  • b. Enter Internet Address and Subnet Mask. (IP is Vigor Router’s WAN IP in this example)
  • c. Enter Remote Port Number.
  • d. click Wake Up.

WakeOnLAN MagicPacket

The PC now starts when you click Wake Up.

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