How to configure WAN Backup or Failover

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This document explains how to setup WAN failover or load balance based on policies in a DrayTek Router.

There may be occasions when the internet connection from your router may drop. As a result you may experience connection outage and disruption to the normal internet connectivity service from your business or home.

On most DrayTek routers, you can add a secondary Internet connection and configure how and when it should failover. If the primary WAN experiences a disconnection, the backup connection will take over and resume continuity of your Internet service.

Configure Failover via WAN Settings

Through failover, you can configure the router to keep a WAN in Failover mode (idle) until the main WAN link disconnects. For example, when WAN 2 disconnects, WAN1 will become active and the traffic will be routed via WAN1 to the internet.

The instructions below will help you configure the WAN Failover:

Navigate to [WAN] > [General Setup]

-Click on WAN1 index

-Set the Active Mode to Failover

-Select WAN 2 as the WAN that it's backing up with the "Active When" tickboxes

Click OK to save and apply the change. Now if WAN2 disconnects, the WAN1 connection will become active to re-establish connectivity.