Configuring exceptions from WAN Load-Balancing

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Most DrayTek DrayOS routers support WAN load-balance feature. Bandwidth can be aggregated across multiple WANs to optimise connectivity from local clients. However, some services are not suitable for load balancing e.g. on-line games & SIP calls.
Some Web servers / services, such as banking portals where higher security levels are used (for instance HTTPS protocol), may reject connections from different source IP addresses.

The new 'Advance' Load Balance configuration button has been introduced since 3.9.1 firmware (or later). Data traffic defined in the Advance profile will not be sent to the Load Balance pool.

Let's see the setup example

An organisation is using two broadband connections for load-balance and failover purposes. Their DrayTek Vigor 2926 series router is set with Auto Weight, and IP Based load balance mode. They need some traffic to be sent out through a single WAN interface. For example, SIP TCP/UDP (port 5060) should be excluded from the Load-Balance pool.

WAN Load Balancing

Navigate to [WAN] > [General Setup], and click on the 'Advance' button. A new window will appear. As exemplified below the setup of SIP and other protocols is applied.

WAN Load Balancing Advanced

Once new settings are added, hit 'OK' and 'Close' buttons. From now on defined service(s) in the above profile will be excluded from the load-balance pool.


  • Double check that your defined services use correct ports (e.g. 5060) and the right protocol is selected (TCP/UDP).
  • Make sure that the [Routing] > [Load-Balance/Route Policy] profiles are pointing at the correct WAN interface.
  • If you experience some connection issues, check that the Internet access through that particular WAN interface is working.
  • Always update the firmware of your routers.

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