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Transferring WCF Licence subscriptions to a different router

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Web Content Filter

Transferring WCF Licences / Subscriptions

The Web content filtering subscription - Cyren Globalview - is an optional service supported by most DrayTek routers. The annual subscription gives you categoric filtering of web sites. i.e. categories such as adult, gambling, drugs etc. can be blocked to help protect vulnerable groups or inappropriate usage.

You purchase a subscription from your DrayTek dealer and it is applies through the MyVigor portal.

Once activated, the licence is tied to that specific router for the duration of the subscription. For this reason, it's vital that you always apply the subscription/licence to the right unit. Also, if you replace a router yourself, be aware of any live subscriptions on the unit your remove.

You cannot transfer the licence/subscription to a different router once activated. This is stated on the licence code when provided but if you are reselling the subscription (as a dealer) you should also make this clear to your customer.

In certain circumstances, it may be necessary to transfer the licence to a new router.  If it is necessary, this must be carried out at the subscription server by DrayTek personnel.  As this is a process, requiring validation and human processing, there may be an administration charge for this. The value of the remaining (pro-rata) subscription period may be minimal, in which case the administration fee may be uneconomical and it is cheaper/quicker to purchase a new subscription for the new unit.

If you think you do still need to transfer a licence, please contact the support centre to discuss the options.

Replacement of Hardware Under Warranty

Where a unit is returned to the official service centre for service and it needs to be replaced, your WCF licence will be automatically transferred to the new unit however you must advise when sending the unit in that there is an active licence that needs to be transferred.

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