XIV. Miscellaneous Questions

What is the UK Users' Forum?


What is the UK Users' Forum?

The UK users' forum is a discussion forum for existing UK users to discuss usage of their DrayTek products.  It is operated by our UK distributors as a free value-added service for our users in the UK and Ireland.

For formal support, you should still use the regular support resources (tickets, phone etc.) but the forum provides a vibrant useful community of users who are often willing and able to offer personal and experienced advice on using your product.  DrayTek staff do monitor and read the forums but do not normally provide direct support or responses in the actual forum.

To access the forum, just visit forum.draytek.co.uk - The first time you visit, you will need to click 'register' (top right) in order to set up a new account.

Forum Rules

Access to the forum is subject  to  a set of reasonable terms and conditions which you must agree to in order to use the forum.  If you are outside the UK/Ireland or are not using a product supplied through UK distribution, you cannot access this forum - please contact your supplier or local distributor for alternative services.  Providing false information during registration or any misrepresentation is unlawful and prohibited and will result in immediate suspension of your account and possibly further action.

(Above: Screenshot of the registration page)