III. Wireless LAN

Vigor AP-700 - Frequently Asked Questions

VigorAP 710

What is the default IP Address for the AP-700?

The default IP Address of the Vigor AP-700 is .

What is the default password for the AP-700?

The username is 'admin'. On the AP-700 (v1/original) the default password is blank (press enter). On the AP-700 V2 (approx April 2011 onwards, check bottom label) the default password is '1234'. We recommend changing it for security but keep a secure note of it. If you lose your password, it cannot be retrieved.

Where is the user manual?

The quick start guide and user manual can be downloaded from the downloads section on this web site.

Resetting the AP-700 to default settings

To factory reset the AP700, press the Reset/WPS button for at least 10 seconds, until the power light blinks rapidly, which indicates that it has reset. If it does not respond, unplug the power and LAN cables from the AP700, plug the power in and wait 30 seconds for it to finish booting, then press the reset button for 10 seconds.

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