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Guide to mounting the Vigor AP-910c

VigorAP 910C
VigorAP 912C

The DrayTek VigorAP 910C is a PoE capable 802.11ac discreet access point designed to be ceiling or wall mounted.

Ceiling mounting is possible through two types of fitting:

  1. Mounting plate - suitable for wood or plaster board ceilings, this allows the AP to be fitted or removed quickly from the mounting plate.
  2. Clip fitting - suitable for suspended ceilings, the fittings kit includes clips for standard 15mm and 24mm rail types.

Wall fitting is possible with the included wall plugs. Please note that these wall plugs are designed for wall fitting only, they are not designed for ceiling installation and may not hold the access point securely in that orientation.

Ceiling Fitting - Suspended Ceiling T Rails

AP-910c T-Bar

AP-910c T-Bar 2

The DrayTek VigorAP 910C cannot be fitted to ceiling tiles directly because they are not suitable for bearing loads due to the lightweight materials used in most ceiling tiles.

It can be fitted to a suspended ceiling with an exposed "T" rail with either a 15mm or 24mm width.

1. Screw the suitable clips on to the AP's ceiling mount fittings on the underside using the M2.5 x 10mm screws in the T-Rail fittings bag. If the fitting of the AP requires a greater distance between the ceiling and the access point, use the supplied extension fittings and the longer screws instead.

2. Install the network / power cables to fit through the ceiling tile and connect it to the access point.

3. Clip the access point on to the rail, applying pressure between the clip and the rail specifically.

Ceiling Fitting - Plasterboard or Wood

The DrayTek VigorAP 910C includes a mounting plate for solid ceilings such as wood or plaster board. The access point fits to this mounting plate using supplied shoulder bolts to provide a tool-less method for installing or replacing the AP once the access point's mounting plate has been installed.

This requires fitting the mounting plate to the ceiling and running the power and network cables through the holes on the outer edges of the mounting plate:

Wood: Hold the mounting plate against the ceiling in the desired location and screw the supplied self tapping screws into the ceiling. Make an appropriate hole for the power / network cables to fit through if necessary.

Plasterboard: Hold the mounting plate against the ceiling in the desired position and mark the recessed screw holes. Place the mounting plate aside and screw the plaster board screws into the marked locations in the plaster board. Once these fittings are installed in the ceiling, fit the mounting plate to the ceiling using the self tapping screws from the same fittings bag. Make an appropriate hole in the ceiling for the power / network cables to fit through if necessary.

AP-910c Ceiling

AP-910c Ceiling

Wood ceiling fitting Plasterboard ceiling fitting

AP-910c Ceiling

Once the mounting plate has been installed on the ceiling, fit the supplied shoulder bolts (in the fittings bag with the T-Rail fittings) into the access point's wall/ceiling fitting thread. This provides a method for the access point to fix to the mounting plate.

Connect the network and power cables to the access point and fit the access point onto the mounting plate by aligning the AP into the fitting holes of the mounting plate.

Gently turn the AP clock-wise until it 'clicks' which will secure it in place.

To remove the access point, turn it counter-clock wise until it is able to drop out of the mounting plate.

Wall Fitting

The DrayTek VigorAP 910C can be fitted to a wall using the wall-plugs and supplied matching screws. Do not use the ceiling plate (keep it safely in case you ever need to ceiling mount it later.

For wall mounting, use the hole template printing inside the packaging box to mark the correct locations for the screws to fit the access point. Drill holes to fit the wall-plugs and fit the screws from the same fittings bag.

The access point can then be hung on the screw fixings using the wall fitting notches on the back of the VigorAP 910C:

AP-910c Wall mount

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