II. Resetting & Router Firmware

O/S versions on Vigor 2760 Series Routers (DrayOS/Linux)

Vigor 2760
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OS versions on a Vigor 2760 Series Router (Linux/DrayOS)

A new version of the Vigor 2760 was released from approximately July 2014 with a new operating system based on the latest Generation of DrayOS (DrayTek's own router operating system, used by most of our routers). This is also referred to as the 'Delight' model. The official specification of the different O/Ss are very similar however the web interfaces are different and there will be other differences in functionality or the methods to achieve some settings/functions (neither is 'better' per se).

The original and DrayOS units mostly look identical externally (DrayOS units may say 'Delight' or 'Ver.D' on the base). The easiest way to tell the difference is from their firmware version.

  • If you have firmware version 3.2.5 or later then you have a DrayOS ('Delight') model.
  • If you have firmware version 1.x.x (where 'x' is any number) then you have an original/Linux model.

If there are new firmware versions for either model then you must only download the correct version - DrayOS/Delight or Original/Linux.

This is the DrayOS web interface (firmware versions highlighted in the red box):

This is the 'Original/Linux' web interface (firmware versions highlighted in the red box):

Converting between OS (DrayOS and Linux)

Conversion of the original models to DrayOS is not actually recommended - your original Linux model continues to be supported by us and should be reliable and stable, but if you really want to convert, please contact the support dept. for advice and options, but it's not a recommended route for any purpose. If you have operational problems, please seek technical support to resolve them.

Please do not try to convert your unit with any instructions or files provided by 3rd parties - these are not supported, and unauthorised and you may well kill your router.