XIV. Miscellaneous Questions

User Serviceability of Products


DrayTek units are not designed to be user servicable. They are not modular and, with a very few exceptions, all assemblies are custom built in our factories, not 'off the shelf'. Attempting any user repair, opening a unit's case or modifying the hardware in any way is likely to make the unit inoperable and possibly cause risk or damage to the unit and any other connected devices. Any such action will invalidate your warranty, but more seriously cause risk of injury to yourself or others or other safety issues.

If your unit has a hardware fault or has suffered some damage, please contact your supplier or the service centre for advice. If the problem is covered by the warranty then your unit can be repaired. If the problem is not covered by warranty then the service centre can normally still provide a repair service (at a cost); please contact them for advice. Neither DrayTek or our service centres can endorse any user servicing/modifications nor supply parts or details of parts suppliers to enable this.

If you purchase a unit 2nd hand which you suspect has been serviced or modified unofficially, then it is recommended that you do not use the unit and seek clarification from your supplier. Particularly on the mains powered units, safety has to be paramount.

Any service or repair by our factory or service centres is conducted according to procedures laid down by the product design teams, using officially supplied and verified components to help ensure safety and reliability of service.

Replacement PSUs and Accessories

If you have lost or damaged a plug-in DrayTek PSU (Power Supply Unit), or it has failed, replacements are available from most DrayTek dealers. Other replacement external components (aerials, cables etc.) are normally also available from DrayTek dealers.

Internal PSUs

DrayTek cannot supply/sell internal PSUs or other internal components/modules. Internal PSUs are inside units, normally our metal-cased products such as the Vigor 2960 which take mains directly into the back of the unit via an IEC 'kettle' lead. These PSUs are not supplied as spare parts to users for the same safety reasons but as they carry mains voltage, it is particularly important. The units with internal PSU's design, testing and certification is based on their intended use and servicability. Whilst some users may be formally qualified and competent to carry our servicing on equipment using high voltage mains, it is not feasible for us to regulate or check this; user safety has to be our top priority.

Unofficial Spare Parts

You should only use official DrayTek supplied PSUs, not alleged 'compatible' PSUs sold by 3rd parties. Such products have not passed DrayTek's rigourous safety certification, testing, specification confirmation and component/BOM certification. 'Cheap' or low quality devices may have fake certification (Weee, CE or ROHS), use prohibited materials, poor manufacturing techniques, inconsistent performance or provide other safety risks.


Since the introduction of the RoHS regulations (2006) some products manufacturered before that time may not be repairable by the service centre as their components may not be compliant with the regulations and can no longer be used or produced.

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