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HTTPS Login Security Warnings (Vigor WUI)

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HTTPS Browser Warnings when logging into the Vigor router WUI

The WUI (Web User Interface) is accessed through your regular web browser.  We recommend that you always use SSL/TLS encryption when administering your router or other DrayTek device (or any device actually). Regular unencrypted connections can be intercepted (sniffed) if someone has access to your network.

When logging into your router, prefix its IP address with https:// to force an SSL/TLS connection. See here for more info.

The https:// prefix ensures that your connection is encrypted using SSL so that your session data cannot be intercepted. Without that prefix, your data passes in clear text.

You may get a warning from your browser (IE, Chrome, Edge, Safari etc.) about your server (the router) having an invalid certificate. Your browser will demand further confirmation or exception before allowing access. The warnings will look something like these examples.

This is from Mozilla Firefox:

This is from Microsoft Edge:

Most other browsers will present equivalent warnings. In each case, following the prompts/links will allow you to access the router's web interface. It is still encrypted with SSL/TLS.

This warning appears because the router's default certificate is 'self-signed' rather than issued to you by a certificate authority who has verified your identity. A self-signed certificate means that you cannot verify the identity of the server, but as it's your own local router, that shouldn't be an issue - your connection is still encrypted. You can apply for and install a CA-issued certificate if you need to, and the article kb-local-certificate-management explains the steps related to this.

To accept and bypass the warning follow your browser's prompts. You can add a permanent exception to most browsers so that the warning does not appear in future.

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