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Tel: 0345 527 7864 Lines are open 9:00am-5:30pm Monday-Friday

(Note, Wed 9.30am – 5.30pm)

Calls to 0345 maybe included in your providers dial plan, otherwise please check with your provider for call costs before calling.

Please Note: Technicians on this line will assist with getting your router connected to the internet and some feature configurations. They cannot assist with detailed custom configurations and deployment of infrastructure. In some instances you may find our email support service more practical.Click this link and you will be redirected to our email support service. To offer you support, you do need some networking experience and product knowledge and you will need the username and password to log into the router (unless its still at its defaults) and also any login information for your ISP. It will save time if you know which firmware version is installed before you call. You must have your product serial number ready before calling - that is printed on the bottom of your unit or, on more recent units, in the web interface too.

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