• Vigor 300B Series Load-Balancer

Vigor 300B Series Load-Balancer

  • High-Performance Load-Balancer/Firewall
  • Firewall throughput up to 500Mb/s
  • Native IPv4 & IPv6 dual-stack
  • Four Gigabit WAN ports
  • Two Gigabit LAN Ports
  • Physical DMZ Port (switchable as WAN4)
  • Load Balancing & WAN Failover
  • 802.1q Tagged and port-based VLANs
  • QoS Assurance on different traffic types
  • Multiple LAN-side private IP subnets
  • Internet Content Filtering
  • Optional VigorCare Available


The Vigor 300B is a high-performance quad-WAN load balancer. The Vigor 300B provides high performance with DrayTek's traditional ease of use and a comprehensive features set with robust firewalling, flexible content filtering and multiple monitoring methods.

Load Balancing and WAN Backup

The four Gigabit WAN ports can provide load balancing or WAN failover. In failover mode, additional WAN connections are activated only when your primary or additional normal connectivity if interrupted. The failover/backup connections kick in automatically, keeping you online. In load balanced mode, up to four of the WAN fees are used all of the time, but your load (connections) is spread across all of the active connections, making the best use of your connectivity. Alternatively, the Vigor 300B can be set with load balance policies so that different traffic types use specific connections, for example reserving one connection for latency-sensitve or high prority data, or forcing low-priority data down your slowest connection.

Extensive QoS and VLAN facilities on the Vigor300B help keep your network efficiency and online productivity at its best. The Vigor300B can be rack-mounted (brackets provided) or used standalone.


Main Features Comparison
Vigor 3900Vigor 2960Vigor 300B
Gigabit WAN Ports 4 2 4
Gigabit LAN Ports 2 4 2
VPN Tunnels (IPSec) 500 200 -
VPN Tunnels (SSL Proxy) 200 100 -
Max. WAN/NAT Throughput 1Gb/s 500Mb/s 500Mb/s
Gigabit LAN Ports 2 4 2
VLANs 50 20 4
NAT Sessions 120,000 80,000 80,000
Fibre (SFP Slot) WAN Yes - -
Fibre (SFP Slot) LAN Yes - -
VPN Backup Yes Yes -
VPN Load Balancing Yes Yes -
High Availability Yes - -