VigorSwitch P2280x

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Release Date 12/11/2020
Support Language English

Firmware is normally supplied in two different styles: The ALL file will just upgrade the firmware, whereas the RST file will upgrade the firmware and wipe all settings back to factory defaults.

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MD5 Checksum : a3ce89164fbfd3d3c8f3c34a00b52f08            SHA1 Checksum : b513deaf7ce901127a9038a15e212267090b012b
MD5 Checksum : b0cc8c938981f13540a90b2e29597c35            SHA1 Checksum : 4d647f56e34d69e0f948b0842c49479c096a9dc5
MD5 Checksum : 58f11c1e2b0c5b7f97d34d93477b3807            SHA1 Checksum : fc19c3e767190081856ff7f9bd14bfb3977f1743
MD5 Checksum : 5451e4188495a3f849e01be8ebba9efb            SHA1 Checksum : ae8e6c01305787e2b2aeb3a34168761f73abe3c5
MD5 Checksum : 2f187e498167ed7cc220a1aef770b20b            SHA1 Checksum : 5785f147762ceadee7f7d7a3a893097dc6756c49
folder.png Older Firmware
Files: 16

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