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How to Upgrade a Self Hosted Vigor ACS 1.x server to the latest VigorACS 1.x installation

Vigor ACS

How to Upgrade a Self Hosted Vigor ACS 1.x server to the latest VigorACS 1.x version

This article demonstrates how to upgrade a self hosted installation of Vigor ACS-SI either for Windows or Linux installed versions.

From time to time, there are newer versions of Vigor ACS adding new features or improving existing ones.


Upgrading a Linux-based VigorACS 1.x server to a later 1.x version

This procedure assumes the installation of Vigor ACS-SI is installed on a Linux OS server.

1. Ensure you take a backup of the Vigor ACS-SI installation. This separate KB article explains how to do this


After the upgrade the backup will need to be reconfigured because the backupconfig_si_txt file will be replaced with a new version during the upgrade process.

2. The upgrade should not affect the /EMS directory which contacing the .cfg files (config backups), .all and .rst firmware files previously uploaded but it is best practice to have a backup of these prior to the upgrade in case of any unexpected issues. The backup process is explained in the "Other Files" tab in the above KB article.

3. Download the Vigor ACS-SI upgrade file from the link provided by DrayTek Support

The file is likely to be similar to this file name


4. Copy the upgrade file to a new folder in Linux

e.g. /home/ACS117Update

5. Uncompress the file

e.g. # bzip2 -cd VigorACS_Unix_Like_Draytek_Pro64_1.1.7_update.tar.bz2 | tar xvf -

6. Change the privilege mode of the install and uninstall files

# chmod 755 ./install.sh

# chmod 755 ./uninstall.sh

6. run

# /usr/local/vigoracs/VigorACS/bin/vigoracs.sh

Select 2 to shutdown mysql, and 4 to shutdown VigorACS

7. Run ./install.sh

Select 4 to upgrade Vigor ACS-SI

- Select Y to upgrade tr069 db.

- Enter the MySQL database, just enter for ACS MYSQL

- Enter the root login password for MYSQL/MariaDB

- If prompted to replace files, select "A" to replace all VigorACS files with the new upgrade files

8. When the upgrade is completed, you should see on screen as below

Select 5 to exit

9. run


View option 7, and change via option 6 to suitable setting depending on the amount of memory in the Linux server. Typically this can be 2000 for MAX, and 1900 for MIN for a server with 4-6Gb RAM

Next select 1 (Although this may already be running), then 3 (this may take a few mins to complete)

10. Re-setup the backup. http://www.draytek.co.uk/support/guides/kb-acssi-backup#2-linux-unix-backup

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