VI. Feature Setup

Setting up Bandwith Limit on the Vigor 3900 and Vigor 2960

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Vigor 3900
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How to setup Bandwidth limit for Vigor 2960/3900

The Vigor 3900/2960 routers support bandwidth limit feature which allows a network administrator to restrict the amount of bandwidth that can be used by any device.

This feature restricts LAN clients identified by their IP address. For this reason, it is important to either separate groups of IP addresses using the router's multi subnet and VLAN facilities or by ensuring that the computers always have the same IP address so that the correct limitations are applied. If the router is operating as the DHCP server on the network, it is possible to pre-set the DHCP allocations from the router (the latter being preferred).

Go to Bandwidth Management >> Bandwidth Limit and click "Add" to start the configuration.

bandwidth add vigor 3900

A new profile page will pop up. Set up the new rule as follows;


  1. Enter the profile name.
  2. Check Enable.
  3. Customize the TX (upload) Limit and RX (download) Limit.
  4. Select Each or Shared Mode. (Each: Bandwidth Limit for each LAN client; Shared: shared amongst the range of IP addresses).
  5. Go to source target and click the "+" icon to specify the IP address that should follow this rule.
  6. Click Apply to save.

Bandwidth Limit can also be used with a schedule to restrict LAN clients' bandwidth usage only at a particular time. In the profile:

  1. Go to generate target >> Time Object.
  2. Click the "+" icon to create a time object.
  3. Set profile name, frequency, Start Time, and End Time.
  4. Click Apply to save.

This example will demonstrate how to activate bandwidth limit between 08:00 until 18:00 weekdays.


The Default TX and RX limit can be used to apply restrictions to the other unspecified LAN clients. Set those values as 0 if you do not want to apply restrictions to other unspecified LAN clients.

We can also enable Smart Bandwidth Limit to automatically limit the speeds for clients that are using too many sessions on the network using the session value specified.

 auto adjust

 To view the Bandwidth Limit in use, go to Diagnostics >> Data Flow Monitor and enable the monitor then we can check the transmission rate.

Vigor3900 Dataflow Monitor

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