IV. Voice-over-IP (VoIP)

Disabling the integrated VoIP features on a DrayTek VoIP Router

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Disable VoIP
VoIP Service

DrayTek routers with a built in VoIP integration that have a "V" suffix in the product name, such as the DrayTek Vigor 2860Vn-Plus, make it possible to connect analogue handsets to the router and use them with the SIP VoIP protocol and the analogue telephone line.

Under some circumstances, such as where the router's VoIP features are not needed and it's necessary to forward SIP ports (UDP 5060) to a device connected behind the router, it is possible to disable the router's internal VoIP features using a telnet command. Once the router's VoIP service is disabled, it will stay disabled until it is re-enabled or the router is factory reset, it will persist after a reboot / power cycle.

  1. On Windows go to the Start menu, select Run and on there type "cmd" and click OK,  or  if  the  Run  option is not present, type "cmd" in the "Start Search" textbox above the Start button and press enter.  Make sure that telnet is enabled in Windows, check this guide if it isn't available. Other operating systems also have an equivalent telnet program or app, such as Terminal in Mac OS X.

  2. Type "telnet" (Replace with your own router's IP address if you have changed it)

  3. Enter the username of "admin", press enter, then enter the password for the router.

  4. Enter "voip sip misc -D ?" to check the current status - it is enabled on a router with factory default settings.

    > voip sip misc -D ?
    VoIP Service      : Enable
  5. To disable the router's VoIP service, enter "voip sip misc -D 1" - The router will restart as soon as this command is applied. Some older firmware versions do not restart automatically so restart by entering "sys reboot" to restart manually.

    > voip sip misc -D 1
    System reboot now!
  6. Once the router is back online, enter "voip sip misc -D ?" to check the state of the router's VoIP service.

    > voip sip misc -D ?
    VoIP Service      : Disable
  7. Enter "voip sip misc -D 0" to re-enable the router's VoIP service, which will also require a restart to apply the change.

    > voip sip misc -D 0
    System reboot now!

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