VI. Feature Setup

Reading and Managing SMS messages with DrayTek LTE routers

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The LTE WAN modem of the Vigor 2860Ln router can connect directly to a mobile broadband network and operate as either a main internet connection or a backup internet connection. The modem is integrated into the router instead of using a separate USB modem and requires a SIM card to connect to the mobile broadband network required.

This modem is able to send and receive SMS messages and stores messages on the SIM card. The number of messages that can be stored is limited by the SIM card used.

To view the SMS messages received by the router, go to [LTE] > [SMS Inbox]:

This shows a summary of all messages with the time received, sender number and a preview of the message contents. There are two view options, Simple Mode is recommended as it shows messages as they would be displayed on a mobile phone, for instance messages that span multiple SMS messages will be displayed in a single message. Advanced Mode shows the messages as they are stored in the SIM card, this view will display messages that span multiple SMS messages as individual messages.

Messages that have not yet been read are highlighted in bold.

To view a message, click on the View option for the message. In the message view, click OK to return to the Inbox, which will mark the message as read.

To mark multiple messages as read or delete several messages at once, tick the relevant checkboxes as highlighted and click OK to perform that action:

The router will then ask to wait for up to 20 seconds:

This is because the router must wait for the SIM card to report that the message has been successfully deleted to correctly use available message space.

If the router is unable to display messages, it will show this error message:

This can occur if the SIM card has not fully initialised (if the router has been restarted, it can take 1 minute for the modem to initialise) or is unable to initialise, which can occur if the WAN details for the SIM card are incorrect, such as the APN details, check this guide for WAN setup and troubleshooting.

Additional details of the SMS state can be found under [LTE] > [Status], it is recommended to ensure that the state shows as Operational so that the SMS can function:

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