Manufacturer's Warranty

All new DrayTek routers purchased through official UK channels have a manufacturer's 2-year warranty to the original purchaser (proof of purchase is always required). Non-retail (contract/badged) products will have their own arrangements (see later). Peripheral accessories, including some modems, accessories, wireless adaptors and access points may have a 12 month warranty (including WLAN cards, modems, accessories etc.).

Where units are sold re-conditioned, by auction, graded or second-hand by third parties or private vendors, the original manufacturer's warranty does not apply but your supplier may still have offered some warranty of their own on re-conditioned units) however you will need to contact your supplier for service. A credit card statement is inadequate as proof of purchase as it does not show the actual product purchased or serial number(s).

If you are in the UK/Ireland have purchased official UK product, you will be entitled to the enhanced support services and also can make use of the UK specific service centre for any warranty claims/repairs. Otherwise, the OEM warranty will still apply and you should be able to obtain service and support from your own supplier.

You can check the serial number of your product on this link to determine if it included enhanced UK-specific support and warranty eligibility (subject to the terms on this page). Enhanced UK support provides access to additional UK-specific resources, local service centre, eligibility for Vigorcare (subject to subscription) and other support services.

If you are not in the UK, local resources should be available from your own local supplier/distributor, or from DrayTek HQ. Note : Although you can check if a unit was eligible for warranty when new, the expiry of the warranty still depends on the original date of purchase which we cannot check - you need to have your original proof of purchase for that.

The full terms of the warranty for the original purchaser are shown in your user manual, but here is a brief summary. Any details shown here are in addition to the main warranty and any statutory rights of either party applicable; such statute taking priority.

Where you have acquired a faulty product but have no proof of purchase, the product is out of warranty, the fault is not covered by the warranty (e.g. it has been damaged) or you cannot otherwise show any warranty validity, the service may be able to assess the repair costs for you. For missing parts, the service centre can also provide a cost price for replacements; most parts for current and recent models are normally available.

  1. DrayTek Corp. offers the warranty to the original purchaser against failure for a period of 12 or 24 months (depending on the product) from the original purchase date on all new products.
  2. The standard warranty is 'return to base' (RTB). The owner is required to return (take or send) the product to the service centre, having firstly logged the fault/problem and obtained an 'RMA authorisation number' from the service centre. An item repaired under warranty will be returned to the owner at no additional carriage cost to the owner (UK only)
  3. 'On-Site' warranty or 'Advance Replacement' of products is not offered as part of the standard warranty, although this may be offered as an additional cost service by your dealer or the service centre. See also VigorCare.
  4. As the standard warranty is 'RTB' only, where a product is considered 'mission critical' the owner should ensure that they have taken necessary steps to avoid service interruption. Your DrayTek dealer may offer upgraded warranties or services as an additional costed service. See also Vigorcare.
  5. Any fault should be reported promptly to your dealer or DrayTek service centre, and any claim under this warranty should be made promptly. For the avoidance of doubt, "promptly" is considered to be within 14 days of the fault first becoming apparent.
  6. The warranty covers failure of the physical hardware only and does not extend to your other peripherals, any included/bundled/installed software or firmware or any other items. Covered failure is that caused by faulty workmanship or components which were present at time of purchase.
  7. The extent of the warranty provides for repair (or replacement if necessary) of the product only, in order to restore its original working condition. No cover is offered or responsibility accepted for any consequential loss (financial or otherwise) which may result from the failure or temporary inoperation/absence of the product, either directly or indirectly.
  8. The warranty does not include re-configuration (setting up) or re-installation of your product. It will normally be sent back to you in a 'factory default' condition; you should therefore keep a regular backup or notes of the router's configuration in order that you can restore it yourself and have someone available who is able to re-install the product.
  9. The warranty does not cover accidental or deliberate damage, for example but not limited to mechanical trauma (e.g. dropping, spillages etc,), electrical trauma (e.g. mains/line surges, lightning, mis-connection/shorting), misuse or use in unsuitable environments (damp or external environments). Your own home/office insurance may cover such instances.
  10. The warranty is voided if you have modified the unit in any way, other than that approved or advised officially by the manufacturer/distributor, or where it has been used in any way or for any purpose it was not reasonably intended for, or where the unit or its decals/serial numbers have been tampered with in any way. Products are not designed to be user-serviceable and there could be serious safety or ongoing reliability issues for a product which has been serviced or modified outside of the service centre.
  11. Where a fault is not covered by the warranty, the service centre may be able to arrange an assessment (at no cost) for the actual repair costs.
  12. For any claim under this warranty, the owner will need to produce an original sales invoice/receipt from their dealer showing the specific model name/number. A financial bill (e.g. credit card bill) shall not normally be considered adequate unless the specific product is listed. Please do keep your invoice/sales receipt safely !
  13. "Original purchaser" is defined as the person buying a new & unused product from a DrayTek authorised dealer in the UK.
  14. "Purchase Date" is considered to be the date of original purchase by the owner as shown on his/her sales receipt/invoice, or the date that they first received the product, whichever is earlier.
  15. This warranty excludes items purchased by personal import (from outside the UK/NI/CI) or where the product has not been supplied through official UK distribution channels, except where specifically agreed by the service centre.
  16. This warranty and document is provided as a guide and courtesy only and does not for part of any contract or legal obligation whatsoever on the part of manufacturer, distributor, their agents or the owner/user of the product.
  17. In the case of an RMA being issued for service/repair of an item, the user/owner is responsible for the cost of returning the item to the UK service centre. The item will be returned to addresses in the UK/Ireland/CI only.

Please remember : Before sending back a product for repair, please contact your dealer or the service centre for an official returns authorisation number, which is used for prompt processing and tracking. Items received without a valid RMA will not be accepted by the service centre and will be either rejected or returned are your own cost. This ensures efficient and prompt handling of authorised returns - and also prevents items being sent where the problem can perhaps be resolved locally.

Non-Retail / OEM Products

Regular 'retail' DrayTek products are supported directly by DrayTek's UK support operations or by your own dealer as detailed above. DrayTek also produce products for third parties (other companies), for specific markets, other countries or products not intended for general retail sale, where specific support facilities will have been arranged. In those cases, the third party will have their own support arrangements and you should contact them directly for any support or warranty issues. Except where it has been specifically arranged, the UK service centre and support facilities are not available for non-retail products.

Non-UK Retail Products / Unofficial Channel

UK Retail Product
UK Retail Product

The price you pay for your DrayTek product includes local support services. This includes pre-sales support, after-sales support, warranty handling, the service centre and access to localised support materials. It also contributes to the logistics, marketing and other brand overheads which promote the products and hopefully encouraged you to select our product in the first place and give you confidence in us. Products which are purchased in other geographic regions may not include all of these services so if you do require support, or a warranty claim, that may not be provided by DrayTek in a region other than the intended locale for your product. Localised firmware may also not be licensed, compatible or provided for your product. For your safety and confidence, always check that your dealer/supplier is supplying legitimate product - i.e. product supplied by DrayTek through their official distribution channels intended for your region. Any product you receive should be marked on the outside of the box to show the intended geographic area (e.g. UK - see photo on the right). This is particularly important to ensure local hardware, software and accessory compatibility and safety. You can check your product here. Please be aware of the risk of unapproved accessories or repackaged products (see below). In the case of a personal import, typically the result of your own relocation, please contact us in order to request local/authorised service if your product was purchased in another geographic region or to obtain approved accessories to naturalise the product.

Unapproved Accessories

With unofficial imports, 3rd party accessories or any other repackaged products (including second hand), there is also an important safety and operation consideration. DrayTek products, including the supplied accessories undergo significant safety and operational testing. Components which connect to mains voltages (for example the plug-top PSUs supplied with most routers) are subjected to particular testing to maximise safe and reliable operation - i.e. that they do not provide a safety risk, but also that they operate consistently to avoid damage or malfunction of your DrayTek product. Where these accessories are replaced by a 3rd party, the quality, reliability and safety of the replacement items has not been subject to the same precautions, which may cause a safety or operational problem. Also for that reason, if a DrayTek product is used with a non-approved accessory, your warranty may not apply, even in the country of origin. We therefore urge you to only ever use officially approved DrayTek products. Beware ambiguous descriptions on ebay and other sites which describe a product as "DrayTek PSU" - they often mean a PSU which they claim to be suitable for a DrayTek PSU, but that is not necessarily a DrayTek supplied/approved PSU. If it uses the term 'OEM' it's definitely not an original accessory.