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VigorACS 2 - How to remove a CPE from VigorACS

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There may be many DrayTek routers, firewalls, switches and wireless access points deployed in the networks you're managing.

VigorACS 2 is designed to centrally manage and provision all of your DrayTek networking devices, with centralised device management through the standard TR-069 protocol, enabling you to make configuration changes to individual devices or to roll out mass configuration changes to many devices. For further details on the VigorACS 2 centralised management platform, click here.

Connecting a Vigor router to VigorACS 2 as a CPE (Consumer Premises Equipment) node allows you to remotely configure the router as if it was being managed locally, automate configuration backups and schedule tasks for groups of Vigor routers, such as firmware upgrades. For instructions on how to add a device to VigorACS as a CPE, click here.

This article demonstrates how to remove a device from VigorACS.

1. To remove a device from a VigorACS network, you need to navigate to Network Management in the System Menu. Then click on the ‘Delete Devices’ option on the Network Management page.

network mngt

2. This will open a pop-up window where you can select which network the device you would like to remove is in. You can then select the device and click on ‘Delete’ to remove the device from the ACS network.

select device

At the top of the pop-up window, you can also choose to ‘Clear TR069 URL’ from the device which will prevent it from re-joining the ACS network automatically.

delete device

3. The device will now be removed from VigorACS. Upon removal VigorACS will clear the TR-069 server settings from that CPE, ensuring that it will not reconnect to VigorACS, unless the CPE is re-configured to do so.

 no device